Grand Avenue Boxing Gym
8333 NE Russell
Portland, OR 97220

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About Oregon Golden Gloves Boxing

Every year since 1926, in 87 cities across the United States, a series of statewide Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing tournaments take place. These tournaments qualify winners to advance to the annual National Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Championships and from this event advance to the Olympic and National Teams. Such notable boxers to win the prestigious Golden Gloves events include Sugar Ray Robinson, Cassius Clay, and Rocky Marciano.

The Grand Avenue Boxing Gym has the distinct honor of hosting the annual Oregon Golden Gloves Tournament for amateur boxers and draws the best amateur boxing talent from California, Idaho, Washington and Canada. Many of these competitors are nationally ranked boxers and Olympic level qualifying boxers.

About Grand Avenue Boxing Gym

The Grand Avenue Boxing Gym was started in 1949 by Stan Loprinzi and is one of the west coasts' oldest authentic boxing gyms. The Grand Avenue Gym is currently owned and operated by Fred Ryan, a long-time aficionado of the sweet science and hero of the sport.

The Grand Avenue Gym welcomes all ages, abilities and aspirations, and is home to a stable to recreational, amateur and professional boxers. The Grand Avenue Gym offers training to anyone over the age of 7, and provides a facility for boxing classes for men, women and children.

The Grand Avenue Gym is proud to have such notable individuals as Rocky Marciano, Andy Minsker, Steve Forbes, Paul Brown, Alan James, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Ray Lampkin, Cuba Gooding Jr., Rene Denfeld, Ed Milberger, Jim Lommason, and Tom Smario as guests, members and friends of its' community.